Fall Focus: Mantels

As fall approaches, we’re beginning to think about cool nights and warm cozy fires. Along with cleaning the chimney, you might add a hearth upgrade to your to-do list. With our selection of live edge and square-cut mantels, we’ve got just the right piece to transform your fireplace from boring to brilliant.

rustic black walnut mantel
square-cut mantels
elm mantel with curved live edge


One-0f-a-Kind Details

Wood mantels add a distinctive look above a brick or tile fireplace surround. From gorgeous grain patterns to funky live edges, each mantel stands apart for its unique character and charm.


black walnut mantel with sapwood edge


side view of elm mantel
close-up of walnut grain pattern



Classic Live Edge

With the bark removed, a live edge mantel will make a statement in any home — it can perfectly complement rustic decor or add a pop of interest to a more contemporary design.

live edge silver maple mantel
live edge black walnut mantel



Square-Cut Shape

As an alternative to live edge, homeowners and designers may prefer a square-cut, rectangular mantel, or one with minimal natural aspects to its shape. Ranging from three to six inches thick, these mantels are solid blocks of wood that not only add impact above a fireplace but also create a sturdy shelf for displaying artwork or sculpture.

highly-figured silver maple wood
green ash mantel
black walnut mantel



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