Looking back at 10 years of woodworking in Northern Colorado

Our History

It all started with the idea that urban wood – from trees that grew in the city of Fort Collins and other Northern Colorado communities – had value. At the time, Baldwin Hardwoods owner Ryan Baldwin worked in the tree industry and saw hardwood trees being removed and sent to the landfill, rather than being put to good use.

With access to a borrowed sawmill, Ryan began milling wood and learning how to dry it in a hand-built solar kiln. His confidence in his idea grew as he milled log after log and saw the incredible figure, color and grain patterns inside urban trees. Unlike farm-raised trees, these logs were interesting – and sometimes contained surprises like bullets, barbed wire and even horseshoes!

(left) A horseshoe found in a piece of wood while milling; (right) A colorful freshly-milled slab of American Elm

Ryan soon left the tree industry and focused on building furniture full time. Demand grew for his furniture and for the unique live-edge slabs of Black Walnut, Silver Maple, Sycamore and other unusual species that woodworkers couldn’t find from other sources.

Today Baldwin Hardwoods serves customers across the Rocky Mountain West and is the supplier of choice for furniture makers, interior designers, custom home builders and residential homeowners seeking one-of-a-kind wood slabs for their home or business.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of our customers and partners who have helped us make Baldwin Hardwoods what it is today! 

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