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Before & After — Bookmatch Siberian Elm Table

Working with bookmatched slabs is one of our absolute favorite ways to build a table. “Bookmatch” slabs are two successive cuts from the same log that can be paired together, either mirroring each other or, in the case of this Siberian Elm table, one slab is rotated 180 degrees so the opposite corners are mirrored.

We started by finding a set of slabs for our clients that would fit their overall table size requirements. Then, we positioned the slabs on the floor to see our possible layout arrangements, ultimately deciding the voids at each end gave it a nice balance.

Once in the woodshop, we joined the slabs as seamlessly as possible and started the delicate epoxy work. Bowtie inlays hidden on the underside of the table held the voids securley while we added layers of green calcite stones we found at a local Fort Collins store, Nature’s Own, to the clear epoxy resin.

After applying a coat of oil and protective finish, the color and character of the Siberian Elm’s heartwood came to life. Between the movement of the grains and the natural shape of the calcite stones, the table maintained an organic look and feel. Our clients ordered this table to commemorate their wedding anniversary, made even more special by the custom metal base built by a friend of theirs.

If you like the style of this table, we have a great selection of bookmatch slabs ready to be transformed into a stunning dining or conference table or kitchen island. Contact us to schedule a time to visit the Showroom and discuss your project!