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New on the Shelf — Domestic Lumber

We’re excited to kick off the new year with our newly remodeled Showroom, now featuring over 8,000 board feet of urban and domestic dimensional lumber.

Helping hands made quick work of tearing down older lumber racks and bays so that the crew could begin building out larger 12-foot bays for our new inventory.

Now, we’re able to stock the shelves with larger quantities of the urban lumber we produce (Black Walnut, Silver Maple, Honeylocust, American and Siberian Elm, and Green Ash), plus, we’ve brought in some hardwoods from other mills around the country. As of January, you can now find Rustic Cherry, Rustic Hickory, Ambrosia Maple, Rustic White Oak, and Soft Maple (S&B), each with over 1,000 board feet to choose from.

For special projects, we’ve also got quantities of Port Orford Cedar, Reclaimed Oak, and Wormy White Oak that aren’t commonly found in the area.

Visit to check lumber availability and pricing.