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Starbond Adhesive Products Now Available

Filling small cracks and knots in urban wood is one of the biggest challenges woodworkers face when using this type of material. 

In the 15 years we’ve been working with urban wood, we have experimented with a lot of different products, and one of our favorites is Starbond Adhesive. It’s easy to work with, dries fast and is easily sanded out leaving a hard, smooth surface that finishes well. 

This high-performance adhesive is a must-have for your shop.  Use it for: 

  • Filling small cracks and knots 
  • Final touch-up after sanding out epoxy areas 
  • Precision applications – use micro-application tips to fill narrow, deep voids from bottom to top 

Starbond products are fast-acting adhesives that can be used to bond wood, rubber, metal, fiberglass, leather, and most plastics. 

Top Five Questions About Starbond Adhesives

Why should I choose Starbond over other products on the market? 

Starbond’s formula is durable, strong, and less brittle than most others due to their production process. Products are made monthly, ensuring that your product is some of the freshest on the market. Store your open Starbond products in the fridge or freezer to double their shelf life!

What is Cyanoacrylate (CA)?

CA glues, also known as super glue, are fast acting adhesives that are designed to endure extremely high push-pull strengths. During the polymerization process, the adhesive reacts to any moisture present and bonds the surfaces together.

How do I know which Starbond product to use?

  • Thin: Best used for high gloss finishes, inlays, infiltrating pores, and stabilization. 
  • Medium: Perform best for bonding close-fitting parts, filling small cracks, fixing wood blowouts, hobby model building, pen making, and other general repairs.
  • Thick: When bonding porous material, choose thick Starbond. Thick glues are best for bonding, void and gap filling, hobby model assembling, and more. 

When does Starbond reach its maximum strength? 

Significant bonding strength is achieved within 10-15 minutes of application. But, it’s recommended to allow 10-15 hours for the glue to settle and reach its maximum bonding strength.

Can CA adhesives damage any materials?

CA glues are safe on most surfaces and materials. However, CAs do tend to ‘eat away’ at foam products. For recommendations on glues to use with foam, contact our Baldwin Hardwoods experts. We’d also advise testing a drop of Starbond on your material before proceeding.

Starbond refill bottle kits, accelerators, black medium and medium-thick, brown medium and medium-thick, clear thin, clear medium, and clear thick products are now available at Baldwin Hardwoods. To purchase or for more information about how and why we use wood glues, stop by our Fort Collins location or contact us today.