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Top 5 Live Edge Trends of 2019

Top 5 Live Edge Trends of 2019

Live Edge Wood Finally Gets Its Due

We are excited to see the many ways that live edge wood is making its way into residential and commercial spaces this year. We’ve been milling live edge slabs and building this style of furniture for more than a decade, and we love helping customers introduce organic lines and unique wood grains into their homes and businesses.

First made popular by legendary furniture designer George Nakashima, live edge furniture has officially captured the attention of the interior design world.

Here are our favorite live edge wood trends of 2019

1. Floating Shelves in Kitchen and Bath – A natural slab of wood suspended in mid-air in the kitchen or bath adds a special element that warms up the space, blending beautifully with tile, metal and other finishes.


2. Creative Epoxy Fills – Filling natural voids with epoxy creates a smooth, durable surface. Epoxy can be clear, tinted in any color or accented with stones like turquoise or agate. Think of it like accenting your slab with a bit of jewelry.


3. Countertops and Kitchen Islands – At the heart of the home is the kitchen where friends and family gather. Live edge slabs make unique countertops and kitchen islands, adding a bit of style to the kitchen where we spend so much time together.


4. Live Edge in the Conference Room – Businesses looking to add one-of-a-kind interest are choosing live edge conference tables. The move away from manufactured surfaces signals an interest in furniture’s origin and the materials we surround ourselves with. Live edge tables make a statement about the business and the people who work there.

5. Barn Doors – These stylish space dividers highlight live edge slabs in a big way. Not only do they save space, they allow for really creative approaches with the addition of epoxy, glass and other materials.

If you’re interested in any of the above ideas, do some research first. Make sure the wood you select is a good fit for the function and that you’ve considered factors like heat, moisture and daily use when deciding on the wood’s finish.

If you have questions, we’re always here to help!  Just give us a call or swing by the showroom.