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Adjacent to the Showroom, our full-service Woodshop is equipped with the tools and machines to transform our slabs and lumber into distinctive, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

We specialize in producing dining and conference tables, desktops, fireplace mantels, floating shelves, bar and countertops, and kitchen islands. In addition to preparing the wood, we can build metal table bases and shelf bracketry.

Bring us your specifications or design ideas and we’ll help you create the perfect piece of furniture for your home or office.

Black Walnut Table with Metal Center

Working with Us


Our process begins with finding the perfect piece of wood. Based on your project specifications, we’ll help you select slabs or lumber from our Showroom to meet your needs and aesthetic goals.

Often, we can transform a single slab into a finished top or “bookmatch” two similar slabs for a mirrored design. We can maintain the live edge or assemble straight edge materials, based on your preference.

Next, we’ll work with you or your contractor to confirm the exact measurements and details, including stains or finishes.

Once the project’s design and scope have been approved, we’ll begin the building process. All of our hardwood slabs and dimensional materials have already been kiln-dried so they are ready for production.

Every piece of wood is different. Our woodworkers will work carefully to prepare the wood, filling holes or cracks with epoxy and adding bowtie inlays for support where needed.

In our full-service Woodshop, we have a variety of machines and tools for surfacing, sanding, and joinery to produce stand-alone furniture or components of a project, such as countertops. We do not, however, build casework, cabinetry, or built-ins.

062711 BCW Loveland library table1
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As a final stage of construction, we finish our furniture with an oil or polyurethane finish, based on your preference. Once dry, we give each piece a final inspection and arrange a time for you to pick up the piece or request to have it delivered.

If you need assistance with installation, we are happy to provide a list of recommended contractors and carpenters in the area.