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Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional Lumber

At Baldwin Hardwoods, we produce urban-sourced dimensional lumber in a variety of species, lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Our boards are kiln-dried, surfaced on four sides, and priced by the board foot.

As of January 2020, we are also stocking domestic-sourced dimensional lumber from other sawmills across the U.S. 

We also stock an assortment of live edge boards — Visit our Showroom to shop our dimensional and live edge materials.

Pricing and board footage for our in-stock inventory is updated on our website on a weekly basis. To confirm available quantities or inquire about additional stock, please call (970) 213-8608.


SpeciesTotal Board FeetPrice / Bd Ft
6/4 American Elm56$5.50
8/4 American Elm210.5$6.25
8/4 Black Walnut93$12.00
8/4 Curly Walnut60$17.00
4/4 Black Locust16$5.00
8/4 Black Locust41$5.00
4/4 Green Ash167.5$4.25
5/4 Green Ash32.5$4.75
6/4 Green Ash298.5$5.25
8/4 Green Ash342$6.25
4/4 Honeylocust190$5.25
5/4 Honeylocust31$5.60
6/4 Siberian Elm65$4.75
8/4 Siberian Elm88$5.00
4/4 Silver Maple11$3.75
5/4 Silver Maple53$3.95
6/4 Silver Maple94$4.25
8/4 Curly Maple6$8.00
4/4 Wormy Maple61$4.50


SpeciesTotal Board FeetPrice / Bd FtSource
9/4 - 10/4 Port Orford Cedar294$7.50West Coast
8/4 Ambrosia Maple548$5.50East Coast
8/4 Soft Maple (S&B)1034$4.60Wisconsin
4/4 Rustic Cherry981$4.00Wisconsin
8/4 Rustic Cherry493$5.50Wisconsin
4/4 Rustic Hickory1091$4.75Wisconsin
4/4 Rustic White Oak1178$4.50Wisconsin
Reclaimed Oak146$6.00
Wormy White Oak101$7.00

Lumber Availability

Availability varies – please contact us to inquire about current stock: (970) 213-8608.