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Baldwin Hardwoods is a locally-sourced lumber supplier in northern Colorado. We produce hardwood lumber and live edge wood slabs reclaimed from urban trees in our area. These trees are often removed due to damage, illness, old age or development. All of our lumber is batch-milled and kiln-dried to accentuate each tree’s special characteristics.

Our Story

While working as an arborist in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ryan Baldwin saw an opportunity.

“We sent so many great hardwood logs to the dump – I just knew there had to be a way to put that lumber to good use and keep it from becoming waste,” he said.

That was 2008 – and he hasn’t looked back.

After acquiring his first bandsaw mill and learning how to mill and kiln dry lumber, the business has grown steadily year after year, driven by word-of-mouth referrals and growing interest in sustainable lumber products and custom furniture from around the West.

Our Team

The Baldwin Hardwoods team is led by owner Ryan Baldwin. With more than ten years of experience, Ryan oversees furniture production and lumberyard operations. Sales representative Joel Peggram assists customers in the Showroom and manages furniture projects and woodworker Tor Mortensen lends a hand with lumber production and building tabletops in the Woodshop.

The Baldwin Hardwoods team: Tor Mortensen, Joel Peggram and Ryan Baldwin.