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Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional Lumber

At Baldwin Hardwoods, we produce urban-sourced dimensional lumber in a variety of species, lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Our boards are:

  • Kiln-dried
  • Surfaced on two sides
  • Priced by the board foot

As of January 2020, we are now stocking domestic-sourced dimensional lumber from other sawmills across the U.S. We also stock an assortment of live edge boards — Visit our Showroom to shop our dimensional and live edge materials.


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Lumber Availability

Inventory is updated on our website on a weekly basis – please contact us to inquire about current stock: (970) 213-8608.


SpeciesTotal Board FeetPrice / Bd FtSource
4/4 American Elm0$5.00Ft. Collins
6/4 American Elm201$5.50Ft. Collins
8/4 American Elm248$6.25Ft. Collins
4/4 Green Ash21$4.25Ft. Collins
6/4 Green Ash399$5.25Ft. Collins
8/4 Green Ash179$6.25Ft. Collins
6/4 Hackberry118$6.50Ft. Collins
4/4 Honeylocust95$5.25Ft. Collins
6/4 Honeylocust55$6.15Ft. Collins
8/4 Honeylocust48$6.75Ft. Collins
4/4 Genuine Mahogany26$12.00Saint Lucia
4/4 Guanacaste69$9.50Mexico
6/4 Guanacaste44$11.00Mexico
8/4 Guanacaste541$12.50Mexico
4/4 Red Oak8$4.00Ft. Collins
4/4 White Oak10$4.25Ft. Collins
4/4 Siberian Elm75$5.00Ft. Collins
6/4 Siberian Elm421$5.50Ft. Collins
8/4 Siberian Elm529$6.25Ft. Collins
9/4 Siberian Elm90$7.50Ft. Collins
4/4 Silver Maple6$4.25Ft. Collins
8/4 Silver Maple19$6.00Ft. Collins
8/4 Curly Silver Maple70$8.00Ft. Collins
9/4 Silver Maple61$7.50Ft. Collins
12/4 Silver Maple 39$8.00Ft. Collins
8/4 Spalted Maple12$5.00Ft. Collins
4/4 Wormy Maple4$4.50Ft. Collins


SpeciesTotal Board FeetPrice / Bd FtSource
9/4 - 10/4 Port Orford Cedar48$7.50West Coast
4/4 Walnut #1 Common0$8.00
4/4 Domestic Walnut0$7.50
8/4 Domestic Walnut371$12.00Wisconsin
4/4 Curly Maple74$7.50
8/4 Hard Maple (S&B)114$8.50
4/4 Rustic Cherry0$4.00Wisconsin
8/4 Rustic Cherry167$6.00Wisconsin
4/4 Rustic White Oak0$4.50Wisconsin
6/4 Rustic White Oak243$6.00
8/4 Rustic White Oak92$7.00Wisconsin
Reclaimed Oak135$6.00

Place an Order

Reserve your lumber order ahead of time! Let us know how much you need (board feet, thickness, species) and we can place it on hold for you.

Looking for something rough cut or a species we don’t currently stock? Let us know and we can try to source a special order for you.

  • Include thickness, species, and total board feet.